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Flirt joins Clash Day 2017

Flirt joins Clash Day 2017

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One Friday in February 2013, KEXP Seattle Morning Show host John Richards decided that one Clash song wasn’t enough, and so International Clash Day was born.This year, KEXP observes the fifth annual International Clash Day on Tuesday, February 7th.

Flirt FM is delighted to be joining in. We'll be having Clash songs throughout the day, but we'll be taking an hour from 16.00-17.00hrs to play songs by the band, Joe Strummer, Big Audio Dynamite, covers and loads more.

Join John & Paula to hear a bit about the history of the band, the songs that Flirt FM DJs like the best, and just why they were influential in the music world and the world at large. Text in your favourite songs to 083 4331013 or email studio@flirtfm.ie too.

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