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World Radio Day 2021: Feb 13th

World Radio Day 2021: Feb 13th

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   For starters: we're exchanging shows with two sister community radio stations, RadioX Frankfurt, Germany (http://www.radiox.de/) and Radio X Basel, Switzerland (https://radiox.ch/) and MARÅ  in Slovenia (http://www.radiomars.si/). We'll be playing their shows at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 GMT in that order. Leo, Bríd & Conor are doing the honours for us - we'll be playing their episode here at noon, to kick off the day's broadcasting. There's also a special WRD episode of A Critical Ear up at 17:00 too. Busy out.

The main event: we are hosting an afternoon of open-access online Radio training for members of our community and the public. We'll tell attendees more about community radio, discuss interests, show how to record at home using equipment you already have and free software and also provide some more advanced technical sessions for people with some experience. You can register for this event here https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcld-CvqzktG9a6XhLs-MxeS5DxJrJcIhnS and see updates on Facebook too https://www.facebook.com/events/3684347451650617/

Schedule · Saturday, 13 February 2021

13:00-13:55 - Introduction and Show Planning
14:00-14:55 - Recording at Home for Beginners
15:00-15:55 - Introduction and Show Planning (rpt)
16:00-16:55 - Recording at Home for Beginners (rpt)
17:00-18:00 - Drop-in Advice Clinic for Audio & Radio Questions

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radio x – The city radio of Frankfurt am Main commercial-free, independent, autonomous, fierce! 24/7 on air since 1997. A radio station without editors in chief, without audience ratings, and most importantly, without commercials!
About 90 independent editorial teams have found their home at radio x. The spectrum of our musical programs ranges from shows specialized on all kinds of genres, from live music and DJsessions to experimental sound collages.
Moreover, radio x broadcasts local event-tips and district-specific shows, educational programs in media with and for children, shows in different languages and programs about politics, culture, art, science, literature, cinema and theatre.
radio x is financed from membership fees, donations and public funding. All our editors and hosts work honorariliy. And still, radio x reaches over a million people in Frankfurt and the surrounding region, and even more listeners all around the globe through online streaming.
Homepage: http://www.radiox.de/

Globalwize Program # 384
Redakteur & Moderator: Jean Trouillet
Playlist: www.weltbeat.net
Globalwize on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Greedio
Infos about Weltbeat – Globalwize, our show for the program exchange:
Jean Trouillet hosts Globalwize since 1997. It's a show focussing on music from all over the world. When someone asks him what kind of music he’s playing, he answers: everything from music played around the campfire to what's going on in clubs. Music that moves freely through space and time.
On the occasion of UNESCO’s World Radio Day, he took on one of the suggested topics and focus on the theme of "innovation". The great composer Gustav Mahler once said, "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire." So, let's go on a journey and look at “innovation” from different angles.

Radio X Basel is a non-commercial radio station that can be received wirelessly in Basel and the nearby agglomeration communities on 94.5 MHz and in Liestal and the surrounding area on 93.6 MHz, in several cable networks in northwestern Switzerland and via live stream . Radio X can be received in Zurich via DAB +. The station sees itself as a youth and cultural station and is organized as a foundation. Club 94.5 is affiliated to this foundation. This is the Friends of Radio X and makes it possible for the Basel cultural and youth scene to be supported by Radio X.
It is the only radio in the region that also offers broadcasts in foreign languages. The multilingual programs in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Kurdish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian offer news, music and interesting facts. Music is broadcast from 9pm. and earlier on the weekend. 
Radio X is a member of the Union of Non-Commercial Local Radios (UNIKOM).

Zavod Mariborski radio Å tudent - MARÅ 
Maribor Å tudent Radio was established in 1990 as a community independent radio. The goal of MARÅ  has always been to become an innovative campus radio service with a range of community content for marginal and subcultural social and ethnic groups, unlike the average commercial radio station. Its main characteristics are its information plurality and critical approach to topics.

Cultural content is featured daily; the Cultural Editor prepares several programmes, including interviews and reviews of theatre, cartoons, dance and music (new creators and approaches, jazz, ethno, electronic music, hip hop, classical music, metal, blues). On Saturday a two hour 'Cultural Sabbath' programme is broadcast, in which cultural events in Slovenia and abroad are thoroughly analysed. Since 1995 MARŠ has bestowed the annual MARŠ Walking Boot Award on the most original rock’n’roll band.

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